8 Benefits an Orthopaedic Practice Can Have From Hiring a DME Coordinator

Blog written by: Dyan Shaffer, Kristina Heifferon, and Jessica Sanches

A Durable Medical Equipment Coordinator (DMEC) brings immense value to an Orthopaedic Practice and their staff. The DMEC manages all aspects of the day-to-day administrative duties from inventory management, to facilitating insurance authorizations, to providing personalized fittings and education to the patients, in turn, reducing the burden off of the practice’s staff. If you want a successful DME Program you will need a qualified DMEC at your practice. Here are eight benefits that a DMEC can bring to your Orthopaedic Practice:

  1. Providing a DMEC at the practice will free up the time of medical assistants and/or other clinic support staff. This is the biggest benefit a DMEC can provide a practice. We all know how busy the physicians and their staff are and having more time available to do a thorough job not only adds more value to the practice but keeps its staff from feeling run down. This also contributes to making the practice more money by being able to turn rooms over quicker and increasing patient flow.
  2. Gives immediate troubleshooting services to patients who have questions about their prescribed DME products. Having a DMEC there with the correct answers to the patient’s problem only adds to the practice’s efficiency and product knowledge.
  3. Provides follow-up calls to surgery patients who received DME products following surgery. Having an educated individual calling the patients after they receive their DME product will not only benefit the patient’s recovery, but also benefits the practices overall customer service experience for the patient.
  4. Act as liaison between the orthopaedic physicians and the vendor reps. Yep, those pesky reps! No administrator or physician really has time to waste with reps that can’t profit the practice. The DMEC operates as a buffer, providing the practice with only the most beneficial information.
  5. Showcases the new DME products in an appropriate method to the physicians. It’s incredibly helpful to the staff and physicians if there is someone there to show the latest and greatest DME equipment, instead of having to watch a YouTube video or read an instruction pamphlet.
  6. Manages the DME Cash Program. This offers an added value to patient care by having immediate availability of products sold directly to the patient during their appointment where otherwise a patient would have to go shop around for on their own time.
  7. Deals with the rental inventory, such as CPMs, TENS units and knee walkers. This can also help decrease potential inventory and financial loss by having a dedicated employee to manage inventory and not allow items to “walk off the shelf”.
  8. Creates a more positive customer experience. In order to have a successful orthopaedic practice, you need to have referrals. DME typically is one of the last stops on the patient’s visit to a clinic. When a patient has a great experience with a DMEC, who helped save them time from having to make another stop and gave them proper care on their equipment, a positive impact on the patient is created. They are more likely to discuss their care with friends and family and may increase clinic referrals! Happy customers lead to more customers!

What benefits have you seen that weren’t listed above? What experiences would you like to share regarding having a DMEC?

If you would like to learn more on how to obtain a DMEC please contact Ancillary Advantage, we are here to help you and make your practice the best it can be!