About Us


We are a practice management company specializing in orthopaedic bracing. We provide programs that enable our customers to purchase and dispense orthopaedic braces, supports, and other ancillary products. We are not a manufacturer steering you to a limited selection of products. We are not a consultant that earns a fee regardless of whether or not your program is successful. We earn our fees only when you profitably dispense and collect the products you provide your patients.

Since 1999, we have been in the business of providing practice management services to healthcare practices. Today, with almost 50 practices and 500 providers using our services, we are one of the largest independent orthopaedic bracing providers in the country.

The Ancillary Advantage team has over 30 combined years of experience in the orthopaedic industry and understands what it takes to implement and operate a successful orthopaedic bracing program. Each member of our senior management team has ten or more years of experience in the orthopaedic industry. Each of our Account Managers began their careers with us as DME Coordinators so they intimately understand the clinical operations of an orthopaedic program. And, many of our DME Coordinators are Certified Athletic Trainers with experience working in a clinical environment.

We are with you every step of the way to ensure your program is operating at the highest level possible, both clinically and financially. How we support our customers is the key to our success. This support includes an HR and Regional Management team, all of whom have previously worked in a clinical environment. We recruit, hire, train,and manage DME Coordinators on-site at your location. With an on-site, dedicated DME Coordinator, we ensure the success of your program.