Evaluating the Cost-Benefit of a DME Practice Management Company


When a healthcare practice is evaluating their DME program, one consideration is how to manage the program.

For most practices, three options are available: (1) self-managed, (2) self-managed with a DME manufacturer’s consulting program or (3) managed by a DME practice management company such as Ancillary Advantage.

Which option is the best fit for a practice? Each practice must do their own evaluation and make their own determination. Ancillary Advantage has created a whitepaper that looks specifically at the third option, using a DME practice management company. Because a practice management company charges a management fee, this option is sometimes viewed as the more expensive, less profitable option. However, when you look closer at the numbers, and when you consider the services included with the management fee, for many practices, this may be the best option.

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