Good Things to Know About Having a DMEPOS Supplier Number

Blog written by: Dyan Shaffer and Karen Colburn

DMEPOS stands for Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies. Here are the three most frequently asked questions we receive about having and obtaining a DMEPOS supplier number.

1) Why do I need a DMEPOS?

Your practice will need one in order to bill Medicare for DME dispensed products and services to Medicare beneficiaries.

2) Does my practice need to be accredited?

DMEPOS suppliers wishing to obtain/maintain Medicare billing privileges must submit accreditation documentation to the National Supplier Clearinghouse.  Those suppliers exempt from accreditation are:

• Suppliers providing drug and pharmaceuticals only
• Physicians, including dentists
• Audiologists
• Optometrists
• Orthotists
• Prosthetists, including occularists
• Opticians
• Occupational therapists
• Physical therapists

Suppliers that are exempt are reminded that accreditation exemptions only extend to the normal scope of services for the supplier specialty. Any products or services provided outside the normal range will need accreditation to obtain/maintain Medicare billing privileges.

3) We have multiple offices where we service patients, how many DMEPOS supplier numbers do we need?

“The supplier must enroll separate physical locations it uses to furnish Medicare-covered DMEPOS with the exception of locations that it uses solely as warehouses or repair facilities” (Source cited: National Supplier Clearinghouse). In other words, if you have three practices dispensing DME products or services you will need three DMEPOS supplier numbers.

If you would like to learn more on how to obtain a DMEPOS supplier number please contact an Ancillary Advantage representative at 877-679-6796.

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