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Take Control Of Your Practice

MyAncillary, our DME practice management system, was developed by us specifically to work in an orthopaedic environment managing the full scope of a bracing program. MyAncillary manages organizations for one to over one hundred providers.

Besides product ordering and inventory management, MyAncillary includes an interactive payer module that proactively identifies compliance, pre-certification and do-not-dispense requirements so that you are paid for all products dispensed.

MyAncillary can be integrated with your practice management system or EMR via HL7. This eliminates duplicate data entry and ensures both systems are in sync. We also provide a patient portal and electronic document system to virtually eliminate the need for printed paperwork. These features support the requirements of Medicare’s Meaningful Use guidelines.

Just like with your DME program, one size does not fit all. Ancillary Advantage owns, operates and maintains MyAncillary. This means if you want a modification to the program, we can make it happen quickly and generally at no cost to you. And when you have a question or need assistance, we have a team dedicated to providing this support.